About us

CSA Invisible Grille is the trusted brand for invisible grille

CSA Invisible Grille is the trusted brand for invisible grille because of our strict quality control and in keeping our promises to our valued customers.


We insist on using the best quality components for every detail of our product ranging from screws to our wire rope.


All our staff are trained intensively and tested before we put them on the field to ensure the smooth process from order to handling over and after sales.


We took pride in all our products manufactured and is constantly researching and exploiting new technologies to improve on our products.

Our mission
We believe in building the best quality products in the market to meet our customers needs and demands and yet keeping our prices competitive. We are small enough to know you, big enough to serve you.


Our vision
We strive to be the trusted brand for invisible grille internationally , to put your mind at ease when you engage us. To be the lifestyle brand for all home owners, think of aesthetic and safety, think of CSA.


Our commitment
We keep all our promises made towards our customers, from quality assurance to delivering and installing on time. To maintain high level of trust, our staff are trained to solve any problems encounter immediately and to keep in communication with our customers throughout the process.

CSA Invisible Grille is the trusted brand for invisible grille.